Core stacking tables and automized core stacking systems

GEORG precisionstack

Fully automatic and manual core stacking

Depending of requirements and customer request we offer solutions for fully automized and manual core stacking as well.

Our product line GEORG autostack which we developed together with our cooperation partner GÜDEL is an off-line stacking system for automatic stacking of distribution and power transformer cores.

In addition we still offer you our classic and proven core stacking tables for manual core stacking within our product portfolio. Further products complete the core stacking and banding process.

Fully automatic off-line stacking system

GEORG autostack 1000, driven by GÜDEL

Our portfolio of offline stacking systems which we have developed together with our Swiss partner GÜDEL is the most complex of its kind worldwide.

Article in Transformer Magazine

It enables stacking of small distribution transformer cores of about 100 kVA but also power transformer cores with 5 legs of above 1000 MVA.


GEORG autostack 1000

Core design

up to 5 legs

Sheet width range

100 to 1020 mm


up to 5000 mm (centre line)

Stacking height

up to 1600 mm

Strip thickness

0.23 – 0.35 mm


GEORG autostack 400, driven by GÜDEL

The newly developed GEORG autostack 400, driven by Güdel, is an offline system for the automatic stacking of distribution transformer cores.This highly automated system interfaces with GEORG core cutting lines and features an integrated data management system.

The direct data transfer between the cutting line and the robot makes time-consuming manual process superfluous. Thanks to this data link, the new system can be easily integrated into the digital network of the production plant.



The GEORG autostack 400, driven by Güdel, is designed to work in combination with GEORG core stacking tables using pre-stack platforms on which stacks of previously cut core laminations are located. The laminations will be picked up by the handling systems with grippers according to the required stacking sequence and stacked on the automatic stacking station.

The design allows to move the table with the finished stacked core (in horizontal position) out of the unit and move another 2nd table in. This reduces non-productive times and allows customers to finalize the core (including secure tilting into vertical position) outside the autostack stacking unit.

GEORG autostack 400

Core design

3 legs

Sheet width range

70 to 440 mm

Length range

1000 to 1750 mm (centre line)

Stacking height

up to 440 mm

Strip thickness

0.23 – 0.35 mm

Required footprint

19 x 12 m

Fully automized inline stacking systems

For the integrated, fully automized cutting and stacking of distribution transformer cores in one line we have developed the GEORG robotline.

GEORG robotline

Extended warranty period

GEORG offers an extension of the warranty period from 24 to 36 months on the following basis:

  • 24 months on a parts and labour basis,
  • remaining 12 months on a parts only basis.

Service contract included

For the time of the warranty GEORG classiccare service contract is included while after that GEORG professionalcare for a contract period of 3 years is included free of charge. Beside many attractive features GEORG professionalcare includes on-site service performance once a year. For more details please refer to the GEORGcare service contracts overview.

Core stacking tables

The most essential parameters

  • For layer by layer stacking or for
  • Insertion of lower yoke sheets in prestacked leg log
  • For hydraulic or for crane erection
  • From 1 ton capacity up to 290 tons and greater capacity
  • With stacking pins or side stops or corner stops
  • Can be equipped with pre-stack storage racks and scaffoldings
  • Can be equipped with additional pressing and strapping units

In addition to our core stacking tables we also offer pressing and strapping units for vertical strapping of transformer core legs. Look here for further information.



up to 290 t

Stacking height

up to 1,800 mm

Number of legs

up to 5

Individual solutions in transformer production

Are you looking for special solutions or specific applications or processes? Our engineers and experts develop and optimize custom-tailored solutions for various lines and single components. Whether it is a new project or a modernization task – we are your partner.

See individual solutions


“Demanding partners are as important as innovative technology.
That is why our customers have confidence in us – and we in them.”

Bernd Peter Schmidt, GEORG transformer division


GEORG protectionworld

GEORG protectionworld Life Cycle Quality Management offers our customers an all-round care-free package for the total life cycle of their machine or line. Consequently the operating costs of our lines will be reduced significantly and your profits will increase.

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