Thinking ahead by passion: the GEORG brand

Advancement by using values: relaunch of the GEORG brand

The motivation that was driving the company founder Heinrich Georg in 1948 with his vision of path breaking technology is still perceptible at GEORG. Looking ahead, it is still important for what we are doing today. Thinking ahead technically together with our customers and creating optimal results, that is GEORG’s incentive for developing technically superior solutions.

“Today, we are in great demand as partner for intelligent finishing lines, special machine tool equipment and lines for the transformer production. The trust of our customers is perceptible. Our responsible and personal company culture makes a contribution to this and helps us to create lasting relationships”, explains Mark Georg, CEO and Chairman of the Board at GEORG.

“It is the perfect time for a relaunch of the GEORG brand. Because we know what is possible, we continue advancing. Our personnel are the driving force behind the pioneering ideas we develop together. As a diversified company, we will continue playing a decisive role on the markets we are involved in.” GEORG is setting value on showing what the company stands for. With the brand relaunch, GEORG emphasises its own, unique technology culture characterised by impressive creativity, knowledge and know-how.

Mark Georg, CEO & Chairman of the Board: “We face new challenges with flexibility.”