SIEMENS: “Sensitive giant with many talents“

Having a weight comparable to the Eiffel tower and dimensions of a coach:  We are talking about our turbine shaft machining center recently put into operation at SIEMENS Dynamowerk.  The weight of the colossus rises up to 11.000 tons including foundation. The length is 30 meters and its a multi-talent. The progressive machine does not only work with highest precision, it even combines 5 process steps into 1. The power pack is suitable for milling, grinding, turning and drilling – at a precision of 3 microns. In addition an automatic and simultaneous measuring of the workpiece is possible.

Joe Kaeser (Chairman of the Board ot Siemens AG) and Janina Kugel (Member of the Board of Siemens AG) were present during the inauguration ceremony of our GEORG ultraturnMC at Siemens Dynamowerk, Berlin. Our machine left a permanent impression being described as “sensitive giant with many talents” whilst the operators just call her “GEORG”. A nice compliment.