Our talents master their examines with excellence

Our apprentices – front row f.l.: Jonas Reifenrath (industrial mechanic), Tillmann Bäumener (industrial mechanic), Marvin Grebe (cutting machine operator), Christopher Ditsche (cutting machine operator), Norbert Ludwig (head of workers’ council medium row f.l.: Alina Weiß (cutting machine operator) and Philipp Becher (trainer); back row f.l.: Francisca Strunk (HR manager), Stephan Schulte (trainer), Thomas Kleb (Head of HR), Dr. Ing. Wieland Klein (Managing Director GEORG machine tools), Mark Georg (CEO).

Our talents master their examines with excellence

“You’ll never work alone. But always with the best”- that’s the experience which our apprentices could make during their apprenticeship time at GEORG. Now also they form part of the best. The fresh nominated  specialists can congratulate eachother and clap on their shoulders and also we are proud of their final results. All honoured apprentices got excellent marks – 3 of them finished with  mark  1  and 2 with mark 2.  Special performers were Tillmann Bäumener (industrial mechanic) as best of Chamber of Commerce within Siegen and Wittgenstein as well was Marvin Grebe (cutting machine operator) as best of Chamber of Commerce Siegen, Wittgenstein and Olpe.

Now three of the new specialists can start packing their suitcases. As part of their gratification and as a special recognition of their efforts they won a trip to England. They can look forward to an exciting week at our daughter company there.

Exchanging knowledge and pushing strengths  - to be continued

Party is over – ready to restart:  After successful passing of their examines the development of personal strengths will continue. In future the young talents will continue to work side by side with  experienced colleagues in the assembly and the mechanical workshop. Additionally our own GEORGacademy will offer interesting and challenging courses. Our talents know this training center already also they could take lesson in English as foreign language there before.

Never alone, always with the best – the GEORG way continues also after apprenticeship.  We look forward to push technical progress further together with our new experts.