Impexmetal enhances production with a Cut-to-length line by GEORG

Aluminium Konin

Impexmetal enhances production with a Cut-to-length line by GEORG

With the growing demand and usage of the versatile material aluminium effective and economic processing technologies are required. The company Aluminium Konin / Impexmetal has therefore foresightfully introduced an extensive investment program.

The fact that Aluminium Konin / Impexmetal rely on high-tech from Georg is not new. Already since 2005 a similar advanced cut-to-length line for aluminium has been operating with an impressive efficiency to the full satisfaction of the customer. This experience and the proven confidence in Georg technologies led to the final decision to purchase another Georg line.

At the beginning of October 2016 the new cut-to-length line started its efficient production of aluminium sheets, enabling the processing of strip widths between 600 and 1.250 mm at a maximum speed of 100 m/min. The separating length ranges from 400 mm to 2.500 mm; the stacking weight is 2 x 5.000 kg (max. 1.600 kg/m). The cut-to-length line is equipped with a double decoiler for holding coils on steel spools including coil feeding and infeed unit. Furthermore the Georg line provides an edge-trimming shear with scrap cutter in order to cut the aluminium strip to the requested length and for removal of the arising scrap. The line also includes a leveller for the production of flat strip material, a drum shear for the precise cutting to the required sheet length as well as an air cushion stacker for the accurate stacking of sheets with straight edges on pallets.