First line worldwide: cutting transformer laminations with widths of up to 1250 mm

GEORG transformer division again sets new standards

By means of the technically superior new development of the TBA 1200, GEORG transformer division enables the economical cutting of transformer laminations with widths of up to 1250 mm for the first time.

Considerable competitive advantage for transformer manufacturers worldwide

Up to now, electrical laminations from 1020 to 1250 mm had to be cut separately and were set side by side in the production. The new GEORG transformer lamination cutting line with swing shear cuts laminations with the required strip width from coils with a width of up to 1250 mm. For the precise manufacturing of low-loss transformer cores at the highest stage, this is not only an absolute quality benefit. As the setting of the small single laminations side by side is omitted, the TBA1200 guarantees for technological advance also with regard to economic efficiency and cutting result.

Two customers are already persuaded of the impressive benefits of our TBA1200 and have ordered this machine for the optimisation of their production process. 

For further information, please refer to technical data sheet of the TBA1200.