Doubling the speed: GEORG ultraturn MC at Doosan Škoda Power

Doubling the speed: GEORG ultraturn MC at Doosan Škoda Power

New GEORG horizontal machining center for turbine rotors cuts machining time by 50 percent.

For complete machining of turbine rotors of up to 140 tons in weight our customer Doosan Skoda Power relies on the enormous performance of our horizontal machining center of series ultraturn MC.

The machine has been inaugurated in February 2017 in Plzen/CZ. The GEORG machine is the third of its type in the world which offers integrated turning, drilling, milling, grinding and precise measuring of parts with large size dimensions just on one high-tech system.

According to Jaroslav Milsimer, director of turbine manufacturing at our valued customer Doosan Skoda Power, the new machine has substantially strengthened the market position of the Plzen works . “In the first place, ordering the new machine from GEORG was an investment in quality. Besides that we are also saving a lot of machining time, namely 30 percent during turning and 50 percent during drilling and milling. The overall machining time for regular rotors has thus decreased from about 1,000 down to 550 hours.  Thanks to the new machining center, we are now the international leading manufacturer of large turbine rotors.”

Where formerly 3 individual machines were in operation, now the complete machining takes place on one single unit. Our ultraturn MC has been designed to handle wokrpieces with diameters of 3.500 mm and lengths of up to 12,000 mm.

Our machining center impresses with high flexibility in use. For example also generator rotors, rolls for the paper industry, gear shafts with large dimensions and crankshafts can be machined. Without major modifications an adaption to future applications is possible.

We are glad that we can assist Doosan Skoda Power with our ultraturn MC in reaching a considerable machining performance.