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Leading with us in technology

Also in the 3rd generation of our family owned company it is our ambition to develop technically leading  solutions that help people in fulfilling their daily work. By doing so we take over responsibility for what we do after careful technical consideration.

Our production portfolio spans from world leading finishing lines to special purpose machine tools and production lines for the transformer industry.

Worldwide 450 employees generate an annual turnover of about EUR 90 Mio.

GEORG finds its customers all over the world. No matter what we do highest precision and customers’ requirements are always in focus. It is always our target to create sustainable values for our customers and partners.

In our different business areas we are best positioned for our markets mobility, energy and industry. Being close to our customers secures their leading position towards their competition. Also in future you will find us there where we are met worldwide with trust aside our customers.


“Value driven action requires future oriented thinking.”

Mark Georg, CEO and Chairman of the Board