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Welcome to GEORG at
EMO 2015

5. - 10. October 2015
Milano, Italy

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  • GEORG ultraturn MC.
    The new dimension in complete machining

We are quite carefully in using superlatives. However, regarding our new machining concept for complete machining of large-size complex workpieces you may impress yourself about the unique features of the new GEORG ultraturn MC.

The new GEORG ultraturn MC is designed for

  • 250 to workpiece weight
  • upto 4.000 mm max. turning diameter
  • incl. 2 position measuring

Meanwhile we already have been sold 3 machines of this new generation to companies like Siemens and Doosan Skoda Power.

You are kindly invited to explore this new dimension of complete machining on the occasion of EMO 2015.

During 2 years of developing and engineering our engineers have invested all their knowledge in this 30 m long, 6,5 m high and 280 to heavy machine. Application fields of the machined products are e.g. turbines for power generation, crankshafts for diesel engines or drive shafts for wind-driven power mills.