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Press information: Successful conclusion of a contract between ALFUN a.s. and GEORG finishing lines division

Press release GEORG hybrid ALFUN

Press images GEORG hybrid ALFUN


Press information: Transformer lamination cutting at highest speed

Press release TBA400 highspeed

Press images TBA400 highspeed


Press information: 'Hybrid' Cut-to-Length Line combines the processing of stainless steel and aluminum

Press release New cut-to-length line SAUTER EDELSTAHL AG

Press images Cut-to-length line SAUTER EDELSTAHL AG


Press information: GEORG-Slitting line started operation

Press release High-duty slitting line for Delta Stahl

Press images High-duty slitting line for Delta Stahl


Press information: Leading technology for KUMZ

Press release Cutting lines for KUMZ

Press image Decoiler slitting line

Press information: The new efficiency - TBA1200

Press release New TBA1200

Press images TBA1200


Press information: New ecoline-lines brilliant at efficiency and economy

Press release TBA400 ecoline and the new TBA600 ecoline

Press images new ecolines


Press information: Turbine rotor lathe Siemens

Press release Turbine rotor lathe Siemens

Press images Turbine rotor lathe Siemens


Press information: High performance leveler

Press release High performance leveler

Press images High performance leveler


Press information: TBA400 ecoline

Press release TBA400 ecoline

Press images TBA400 ecoline


Press information: Brand relaunch

Press release brand relaunch

Press images brand relaunch


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