GEORG finishing lines division

It’s all about efficiency

GEORG finishing lines are a worldwide hallmark of unmatched quality that pays off: extremely short tooling times, easy operation and optimised, process-controlled workflows are what makes our solutions so efficient.


Optimise your finishing lines with high-quality GEORG components made in Germany: We design and integrate matching sections for any existing line.

The high degree of automation of our finishing lines, for example the automatic coil feeding, the automatic knife and tool change or the automatic fast strip feeding guarantee maximum throughput and line availability while minimising downtime.

In addition to our turnkey solutions for your manufacturing success, we also offer single components for an economical upgrade of your existing plants. Our topmost priority is adaptability, the use of top grade components and the seamless integration into your production line.


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Individual components/aggregates

  • Coiler and decoiler
  • Cropping shears
  • Edge trimming shears
  • Eccentric shears
  • Levelling machines
  • Scrap baller
  • Drum shears
  • Slitting shears
  • Stacking lines

Advantages of a GEORG finishing line

  • High level of automation
  • Top grade components
  • Short set-up times
  • Long life
  • Levelling machines
  • 24h emergency service
  • High level of line availability
  • Longstanding experience in finishing line manufacturing
  • Quality 'Made in Germany'