Concept: future

The 'GEORG concept: future' focuses on the five essential aspects of entrepreneurial sustainability. These aspects have an impact on what we do and thus also impact on our value for our customers and partners.

Concept: future - Graphic

The driving force en route to our common aim

It is our employees that make our mutual success with our advanced solutions for special machine tools, technically leading finishing lines, and superior production systems for renowned leading transformer manufacturers. As a company that significantly influences and wants to influence the progress, we responsibly promote and support them in their development. In return, we ask for a self-determined and proactive attitude, and especially for a creative use of our technology. We do this to create groundbreaking solutions for our customers that are technically both well thought-out and superior.


Walking the path of progress with experience

Our designers, engineers and specialists rely not only on years of experience, but the consistent use of current technologies helps us in our efforts to provide progress with creative solutions. Thus, we are working on the very foundation for our customers future. In order to guarantee resource-friendly efficiency even with complex products and applications such as special machine tools, finishing lines and machines, production lines and equipment for the transformer industry, we continuously improve our own processes. This is of the utmost advantage to our clients.


Awareness of what should stay

We believe that nowadays it is no longer sufficient enough to adapt to social and economic challenges to act sustainably. For us, sustainability means taking responsibility for your own actions. Those who actively want to be sustainable must have a clear conscience about what they create. Regardless of economic and social developments, this mindset helps us create lasting values, which secure the sustainable success of our customers. Values ​​we continue to stand for with our name.


Customer focus drives our performance

Most important to our strategy is the customer´s benefit. Our portfolio and product design is tailored to our customers’ needs. We want their work with GEORG equipment to pay off through efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, products and solutions by GEORG stand for reliable productivity, stability and sustained profitability. In addition, our portfolio always focuses on the current market development. It is our goal to make a lasting contribution to the competitiveness of our customers.


Trusting relationships with suppliers and customers

Stable and lasting relationships with our suppliers and partners are important to us. A good supplier relationship increases the value proposition and is therefore also beneficial to our customers. To achieve the best possible optimisation of total cost, not only focus on quality, flexibility and reliability, but also on open dialogue. After all, transparency creates trust and is the foundation of every good partnership.