The Board of Directors of the Heinrich Georg GmbH Machine Factory Gerd Georg Hans-Jürgen Patt

Understanding the past
and shaping the future

We think that heritage and history are important for future success in many ways.


Founded as a visionary one-man business in 1948, GEORG today is successful family-owned company and a global player. We link the experiences of several generations to create new market impulses again and again.


We still make machine engineering history – a fact that guides and motivates us when it comes to shaping the future work with clients and partners. We are successful because we are close to our customers and true to ourselves. Because we know where our customer come from. And where they want to go be.

Understanding and making use of both the past and the future: Having been family-owned and -operated for three generations, we know how important this is. It's the core of our value system and visionary entrepreneurial thinking.