The Board of Directors of the Heinrich Georg GmbH Machine Factory Gerd Georg Hans-Jürgen Patt

Understanding history, forming the future

Three generations have shaped the family company GEORG till today. Three generations who all in their time earned a lot of respect and merits in the various decades and challenges. Three generations who formed and kept the value oriented culture of our company alive till today.


Already at an early stage Georg Georg, eldest son of company founder Heinrich, and his brother-in-law Hans-Jürgen Patt entered the company. They brought the company forward and made GEORG products known and demanded around the world.

Today Gerd Georg and Hans-Jürgen Patt follow the development of the company in the Supervisory Boad.


Mark Georg, Gerd Georg’s son, has been CEO since 1999. He runs the company together with the board of directors in good tradition. We use history to understand the future. As a family company in third generation we know about the importance and unify our value oriented  thinking with visionary entrepreneurial  spirit.