Heinrich Georg – Was Heinrich Georg able to see the future in the late 1940s?

Feel the future

Was Heinrich Georg able to look into the future in the late 1940s?

Could he have foreseen that he would significantly advance metal working with inventions such as the reinforcing steel straightening machine, the Liliput shear and the world’s first automatic straightening and cutting machine?


Of course Heinrich Georg did not forsee the future. However, he could feel it.


After all, anyone who creates something new to improve the present must believe in the future. What drives GEORG is looking ahead with our customers, partners and employees, to develop solutions that will last –not only today, but also tomorrow.
We owe this attitude to Heinrich Georg’s sense of the future.


GEORG machine factory 1948

Taking over his father’s toolmaker workshop – the birth of the Maschinenfabrik Heinrich Georg.


GEORG machine factory 1952

Development of the first reinforcing steel straightening machine and an eccentric shear, the so-called 'Liliput shear'.


GEORG machine factory 1953

By combining the two aggregates, the first automatic straightening and cutting machine is born.


GEORG machine factory 1955

Successful participation at the Hanover Trade Fair. First customer contacts with other European countries are made.


GEORG machine factory 1956

GEORG’s straightening and cutting machines are produced in batches.


Delivery of the first GEORG cutting and punching line for a grain-oriented electric steel strip.


GEORG machine factory 1970

GEORG enters into the electronic era; electronic control systems  replace mechanical functions.


GEORG machine factory 1973

The electrical workshop is complemented with its very own ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT.


GEORG machine factory 1974

Acquisition of a neighbouring machine tool company and EXPANSION of the product range to include SPECIAL MACHINE TOOLS.

In the following years, we kept abreast with our professed goal of GLOBAL PRESENCE and customer proximity by ESTABLISHING our own SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES and REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES in every industrial country.


GEORG machine factory 1985

Foundation of the GEORG Service Centre in Beijing to support our customers in East Asia.


GEORG machine factory 1980

Foundation of GEORG UK in Bilston, near Birmingham.


GEORG machine factory 1998

Foundation of the subsidiary company GEORG Manufacturing Service (GMS), Hickory, N.C./USA.


GEORG machine factory 2002

Outplacement of the control department for finishing lines and foundation of the GEORG Automation GmbH in Kreuztal, Germany.


GEORG machine factory 2003

The 3rd generation enters into the management of the company! At the beginning of 2003, Mark Georg joins the long-time president Gerd Georg and Hans-Jürgen Patt.


GEORG machine factory 2007

Relocation of the transformer department into the new office building. The departments of sales, mechanical design, electrical control and service are now united under one roof. Ultimately, our customers are the ones who benefit from shorter distances and better communication.


GEORG machine factory 2008

The company celebrates its 60th anniversary. Employees and customers alike celebrated our successful long-term relationships.


GEORG machine factory 2010

The management team keeps on growing: Gerd Georg and Hans-Jürgen Patt make the transition to the advisory boad. CEO Mark Georg is now Chairman of the board, which, consists of him and the four business unit directors of the following departments: Transformers (Bernd Peter Schmidt), Finishing Lines (Antonio Garcia), Machine Tools (Reinhard Helmer) and Corporate Services (Theo Helsper).


GEORG machine factory 2010

For the purpose of expanding capacities as well as optimising material flow, GEORG invests in a completely new assembly shop.


GEORG machine factory 2002

The GEORG Group purchases a neighbouring production site incl. 600 sqm of office space. Here the GEORG AUTOMATION GMBH will continue to grow and we will start offering our customers complete automation solutions including switchgear engineering.